Fu King Chinese Restaurant
iPhone application

Fu King Chinese Restaurant is famous for two things: mother Fu King dumplings and its unintentionally funny name. The menu is home to equally questionable items like Cream of Sum Yung Gai Soup, Pan-fried Poo Ping Platter, and, my personal favorite, the Big Wong “Noodle Surprise” (quotations theirs not mine). Playing off the popularity of the restaurant’s unfortunate translations and nonsensical grammar (and borrowing technology from the Word Lens), we created a Fu King smart phone application. The Fu King smart phone application uses augmented reality to instantly transform boring ol' English into rich and flavorful Engrish by simply pointing the camera at text. Or, as Mr. Poon might put it, "It is good for enjoyment of your own without possibility and doubt. Feel Yourself with Fu King Happiness. Make visit again by quick way."